Jason Salagubang, MD

Family Physician located in Apopka, FL

About Dr. Salagubang

Jason Salagubang, MD, is a board-certified physician specializing in family medicine, who is also fellowship-trained in geriatrics. With a deep passion for wellness, Dr. Salagubang delivers exceptional care to patients throughout Apopka, Florida, and its surrounding communities at his practice, which is aptly named I Am Healthy.

Dr. Salagubang has always loved sunny skies and warm weather, so it’s no surprise that he chose Loma Linda University School of Medicine in Loma Linda, California, for medical school. He later relocated to Florida and completed his residency at Florida Hospital Medical Center.

As a physician with a broad range of experience, Dr. Salagubang cares for patients from birth through advanced age — providing immunizations, well-child visits, annual physicals, and diagnosis and treatment of minor illnesses and injuries.

He has special training in caring for the elderly, assessing their functional and memory status, mobility, social needs, vision, and hearing, as well as attending to depression and nutrition screenings, advanced directives, and follow-up assessments. Dr. Salagubang even provides individualized care to patients in nursing homes, making himself as accessible as possible to all of his patients.

Accepted Insurances

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Blue Cross Blue Shield
Devoted Health Plans
Florida Blue
Health First