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Regular physical exams ensure that your body is functioning optimally, which can help prevent unexpected disease or illness. At IAM Healthy in Apopka, Florida, the team of experienced providers offers comprehensive physicals to keep you healthy. You get all necessary health screenings and diagnostic tests at these appointments, too. To schedule your physical exam, call the office or use the online tool.

Physical Exams Q & A

Why do I need a physical exam?

You benefit from an annual physical exam to evaluate your overall health. This exam gives you a chance to update your health history with your provider at IAM Healthy. Plus, your provider can track any changes in your vital signs or body — such as blood pressure or weight — that could indicate you’re at risk for developing health problems.

A routine physical is also an opportunity to ensure you’re up to date on necessary vaccinations and preventive health screenings, such as mammograms and colonoscopies.

You may also need a physical exam for a sports team, to comply with public school requirements, or to achieve a department of transportation clearance for a commercial drivers license.

What happens during a physical exam?

A physical exam begins with a discussion about any changes in your health and any current symptoms or health concerns you have. The provider reviews your personal and family medical history to determine if you need specific screening tests for any potential health issues, such as diabetes.

Basic information, such as your body temperature, blood pressure, and weight, are obtained. The provider listens to your heart and lungs, evaluates your skin, and tests your muscle strength and flexibility. They’ll also examine your ears, nose, throat, and eyes.

To identify potential abnormalities in your abdominal organs, your provider at IAM Healthy uses their hands to palpate (feel) the structures externally.

What types of blood work will I need?

People with an existing health condition, such as high cholesterol or diabetes, will need blood work to check if current treatment is helping or if the condition is worsening.

You may need blood work if your family history or lifestyle puts you at risk for a health condition such as diabetes, or you have symptoms that suggest an infection.

What should I bring to a physical exam?

Bring a list of any prescription medications and dosages to your appointment. Write down your questions and concerns so you don’t forget to address them. If you’re coming in for a sports or school physical, bring the necessary paperwork with you for the provider to complete.

Call IAM Healthy to schedule your physical exam or book an appointment using the online tool.